Playtests with various tools and software. This page features motion and depth content.

Project Types
Student projects, Hobby

My Roles
Creative technologist / developer, Video editor, Director, Photographer
Processing, Adobe Illustrator, Chaotica, Blender, Laser cutting machine, iPhone X LiDAR sensor + cameras 

Original: Hilma af Klint's The Swan No.12.

Hilma af Klint's The Swan No.12.
Reimagined as an interactive sunset. A prototype/experiment in Processing.  

Original poster by Yusaku Kamekura → Digital recreation in Adobe Illustrator → Laser-cut layers of paper and acrylic.

Stairwell photographs taken on iPhone X → Depth maps pulled from their image data in Photoshop → Video “scanning” animations using tone-based image masking.

Video scanning animation from above, projection-mapped onto congruent layers of laser-cut cardstock.

Video of a nighttime drive wrapped in a pulsating and color-matched environment, meant as a room-scale projection meant for viewers to experience in close proximity. An installation exercise in Prof. Christopher Chenier's Digital Art Intensive, created with Blender 3D.

Nathan Cheng

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