Rices Mill Website

Simple website design & brand refresh for a family friend’s small business making it easier for administrators to provide for teachers and students.

Rices Mill Booksellers provides supplies to Philadelphia schools that aren’t otherwise obtainable through standard bureaucratic processes. As a family-owned business, Rices Mill prides itself on its speed, ease, personability, and adaptability.

The owner, Mary Beth, had minimal needs: core business information, a contact button, and a rotating collection of featured items. She also felt inexperienced in tech literacy. With that in mind, I made the website approachable and maintainable  by offloading the site’s dynamic content to an Airtable embed instead of a CMS, allowing her to easily customize through a familiar spreadsheet interface without having to learn a complex tool like Webflow CMS. 

Project Type
~2 months (Nov–Dec 2022)

My Roles
Web designer, Copywriter, Brand designer, Webflow developer, SEO, Airtable training
Figma, Webflow, Airtable, Concepts for iPad

Siobhan Reily (Monomark design)

The Rices Mill website shown at different display sizes: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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